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Ear piercing stories 

Cartilage not so simple like piercing!!!
Ear piercing stories
In spite of which they say… I have them…
infection in the cartilage of the ear
It chooses a stirring and significant title here
It chooses a stirring and significant title here
Lobe => coil percing
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This begins Saturday evening Sunday morning very early (one is Monday) or rather in the night around 2 hours of the morning, I thus did not leave an occupation is necessary since I do not sleep saturdays evening. Perhaps I would have: S because an idea my crossing the spirit “and if I were made a third hole with the right lobe?” after 2h of the morning one can say that my brain stops functioning. I had never bored myself and had never intended somebody to have done it in my entourage but I do not know why I wanted of it. I reassure everyone is not to in no case self-mutilation or sadomasochism!

Neither nor two I gather the necessary material: switch, buckles ear (in white gold for the allergies) disinfecting and cotton. and yes! even without functioning my brain has to think of disinfecting. fortunately besides!

You will say to me but why not have done it in a jewellery for a lobe? and well because it is like that! one is never been useful better than by oneself… and outward journey in a jewellery to make me bore did not say too anything to me. finally it will be seen whether I always say that in several days.

Besides I takes the needle, after having désinféctée it, rather sour of me and I bore in front of my mirror history of me répéré a little, even make anyhow it is necessary that that returns a minimum! The needle is inserted rather easily in first half of the lobe but did not cross. It is necessary to force a little… (what is not obvious considering the tailel needle) certainly because my needle is thus not pointed enough and not cutting enough and there I hears the skin which cracks… bad sign? apparamment not no apparent bleeding. Not really painful, rather impressive that another thing.

But there after the hole carried out without sorrow the problem arrives to put the loop. It my been necessary me y repprendre for twice.

Indeed I remove the needle and I try to pass the loop of ear but it does not cross. The hole already seems to have been stopped.

I thought that all were going to stop there! but not I wanted to really me perser I took again a needle larger and pierced at the same place, which was easy since only the skin on other side had been slightly stopped. On the other hand there that became a little painful, since it was a little a “eagerness”! To pass the loop it was enough to insert the loop at the same time as I withdrew the needle.

It was gained the loop had passed but some drops of blood have to start to run but very little… I began àm' worried and to become aware of my silly thing…

Immediately disinfecting on the ear. After one hour of “massacre” I lie down. Difficult to sleep with an ear in less.

The following day my ear is always there, not it did not fall (not yet ^^)

After a second night, always nothing low register, but it is ignited a little, it badly suporté two successive drillings… no sign of infection for the moment, but I have the impression to have a blue, it is slightly endolori, this certainly because of double drilling… I will supervise my ear of very close and if an infection start I fears that it is not preferable to remove the loop definitively and if required to once pierce the finished cicatrization. And this blow by a driller!

in short it is conclusive but is better a good driller!

Morals: Do what I do not say what I make!

I am not ready to remake the same thing in any case… though a fourth hole will try me well… but that is to be reflected, plsu that that there!

But my desires of piercings do nothing but grow since. And since I am major more need for parental authorization, which facilitates the things! and I could then go where I want since many drillers refuse even with authorization.

Moreover I plan to make me an industrialist when I would have money ^^ (moreover I do not know the price yet: S) and the time of me of occupied carefully. Since I saw a photograph on BME I nothing but do think of it, the majority find that ugly but me I adore! that me trotte in the head and that is not close leaving! the language is already planned for mid-July after the results of the exams, if I succeeded in earning money by then sufficient since I to the best driller of my area history will reassure the parents. On the other hand if I fair the vat I fears anything to make whole… request ^^ A little considered for the right nipple but nothing is less on. The pain makes me move back! to see! and especially to meditate!