infection in the cartilage of the ear

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Ear piercing stories
In spite of which they say… I have them…
infection in the cartilage of the ear
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It chooses a stirring and significant title here
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Everything began a month ago, in October of the 2006… It wanted a second hole in the lobe of the ear, I went a Saturday to study ACER TATTO and single I opened one in the left ear because the money did not give me for another one.

That day I returned contents to my house with my new hole, was prefect. There it was when my obsession began by piercing… wanted one in the eyebrow, but as my Pope would not leave me, I chose by one in the cartilage of the ear, where it notary's office, my Pope I do not notice it and my breast did not agree, but as it were my body I leave me did it…

3 weeks later (11/11/2006), I went again to study ACER TATTO… I said to him to he himself boy who made the one in cartilage d ear… we went to the room, I seated, and in few seconds already tapeworm my piercing, did not hurt anything. Boy said me that me alcohol cleaned it with absolute (to 1er error, is not due to clean with alcohol or oxygenated water, because it irritates the wound) and that by 15 days washed to me in the nights with water with salt (2do error, is due to at least clean to 3 TIMES TO the DAY with water with salt or physiological serum by 1mes)… as they see nonwise cure the wound to me, which caused an infection!

Total that returns to the house, watched to me and watched in the mirror, was super good… contentísima, happy… until 3 days later, it began to me to hurt much, I swell myself, was put red, the pain was unbearable… I resorted to the Internet, I began to investigate on the infections in cartilage d the ear; between a a forum, and I wrote what it happened to me, a girl I answer myself and it said me that it was normal that was swollen to me and who was put red, but that was rare that it hurt to me, so better it went to the study to that me they reviewed it… Good, I followed and I continued looking for until between a another forum, I read on a girl who at the outset hurt much to him, but that later was cured to him and that it she liked much as it had left now… When I read that, I thought that it was normal what it happened to me… and I thought that could hold the pain 3 months until it was cured to me…

Pero NOOO…. to 3er error, I did not go to the study! I lasted 5 days with the so horrible pain… I did not tell anything him of the pain to my breast, because later it was going to me to say that that happens to me to make loqueras. When he saw the swollen ear me, I said to him that that was normal, when in fact pain so HI&% DE P$ " killed to me….

Total that I secretly went to the study and the boy said me that tapeworm infected and that me tapeworm who to clear, the owner of the study was in charge to clear me it, and she said me that she washed me to it with neutral soap 2 times to the day, as soon as me water throws with salt 3 times to day, which it took an analgesic one and that returned to the study in 30 days, that was going to free open one to me in the cartilage of the other ear, that is the right. But I do not want one in the other ear… I want one in the left side, but if she must open it to me in he himself side in where already I did not have a good infection… will think it…

Total that or I have been 2 days since I went to the study with the infected ear… the barren pain with the analgesic one enough, the ear goes or, the swelling very is happening, and good I hope that in a month or this normal one.

I do not regret to have happened through this experience, although I suffered enough, I cannot be complained much, because he was something that I decided… is better to regret of whom she became, that of that never I am made…

To all those that read this, and they are going away to open one, I say to them that first they inquire well about piercing, of the possible risks and as they can treat it so that it heals without no problem… They already know:

- they are not cleaned with alcohol

- they do not sleep of that side of the ear, nor speak on the telephone, that the towels is not entangled to them with piercing, they avoid to strike itself.

- not to touch it with the infected ear

- to wash with neutral soap the hands so that one does not become infected at the time of cleaning piercing to them.

- to clean to the wound with water and neutral soap 2 times to the day, and to lie down water with salt or physiological serum.

- one is not due to clean in excess since the this null and void wound, and would not be cured well

- not to enter swimming pool, or lakes… since it would be easy that one becomes infected to you…

I hope that all this serves much to them! …