Cartilage not so simple like piercing!!!
Ear piercing stories

Cartilage not so simple like piercing!!!
Ear piercing stories
In spite of which they say… I have them…
infection in the cartilage of the ear
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It chooses a stirring and significant title here
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It is time that I put my experiment of the cartilage in writing!!! After the tragus, I made the decision to make the left cartilage thinking that this piercing was easy to heal.

I went to see the person who had piercé me for the tragus, I push the door of Sinergik Tatoo in Lyon and explains to Jocelyne what I wish. Very pro Jocelyne takes time to explain me the procedure, the care and I decide to make it.
Preparation of the tools, grips and switches. It checks with a small lamp in transparance the prése, this or not de^petits vaisseuax blood which could be wounded during the manueuvre. All was OK, I lengthen, firm the eyes… and the noise!!! ACE!!!! when the needle crosses lobe GLOUPS!!! strong feeling of heat on the ear, and especially that started to bleed because a vessel had been touched. Quickly use of compress, Jocelyne which explains me why that arrives some times. After a few minutes of rest and my compress on the ear I rise (gently) and will sit down in waiting room history bine to take again my spirits. I set out again in my bus by feeling the glance of an old Mister on my left ear which was very hot and red.

For the care: they should well be followed, in a rigorous way. cleaning with the soap antibacterien, one rinses then sérume phy and finally disinfecting. Not immediately not to move the jewel. Often the jewel gives the impression to ooze and of the crusts are formed, it is necessary to go there gently and not cherhcer to remove them cold, it is only the use of the care which will make it possible the piercing to heal well. IN end I say that but in spite of my assiduous care, I had problems with this piercing cartilage, I however have well suiie the procedure of care. BUT .....

The cicatrization was more difficult than for the tragus. Indeed a few days after the act, my ear was still hot and it was put at inflated, while there looking at more closely I had a large standard button furoncle on the piercing!!! a trick to be howled, I go down at any speed to Lyon to show that in Jocelyne which looks after it, the pus leaves (sorry of the details but it should be known that that can arrive) and makes the button of it was right to dimension piercing but will realise you even in front of mirroir it!! by twisting the ear!!! thus the procedure of care to being recommancer because I had the piercing and the button has to look after. A piercor met since this event and has which I told this episode finds that the thorough button just at this time is not normal. Tpujours is it that I kept my piercing (and my ear), that maintenent all is well.

However the avanture of the cartilage is not finished. There indeed I was private of swimming pool several weeks bus while wanting to turn over, I had put on the bathing cap but it thus pressed on the ear the piercing fesait me badly. It A was necessary several months so that I do not have badly any more, and from now on I can say that the cartilages they is painful and difficult to heal more than the genital ones but that it is another history, for later!!!!

Will finish from now on this piercing very well, I integrated it well besides some accidents with the volleyball (a blow of balloon) and in the hairdresser (the chisel who was caught in the ring).

The girl of a friend wanted to be absolutely made piercer the cartilage, thinking that it was as simple as the lobes. As this small was too young (14 years) no piercor wanted to make him. Except that one day in a jewellery (standard imagination not a serious sign) the saleswoman says to him that it can make him…. with the gun .........!!!!!!! The small one had the intelligence to say that it reflected and it spoke to me about it. I jumped to the ceiling of amazement, to do it with the gun in a jewellery without large respect of the standards of hygiene!!!!

Veiled I will repeat my speech but a piercing is done at a true piercor where all is nickel, not tobacco, of dog. It must use gloves, a material of single use to have an autoclave and must answer your questions easily. In the same way it is necessary to be 16 years old (essential parental agreement Attention to see even presence of an adult). Being to reflect well best, to wait to know if it is a perso choice or an effect of mode, nothing worse than to see these mistinguettes making the tail with Christmas to have the piercing moment to make like the girlfriend!!! POUAH!!!!!! to release to you glance of the others and assume!!!

The piercing is not a fashion but an art of living!!!