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Curriculum & Instruction Graduate Student Research Day, March 25, 2011

Culture and Teaching

The Demographic Imperative: Rethinking the Audience of Multicultural Education
        - Zachary Casey

Pen 2 Paper 2 Power: Lessons from an arts-based literacy program serving Somali youth
        - Brian Lozenski and Chelda Smith

A New Kind of Story: The Pedagogical Role of White Storytelling in Dismantling White

        - Shannon McManimon and Zachary Casey

Family, Youth, and Community

Education, Curiosity, and the Social Self
        - Matthew Carlson

Transmitting heritage language in a family relations context: Intermarried Korean women
    in the U.S.

        - Heeran Kim and Susan K. Walker

Learning Technologies

Certification of K-12 Online Teachers
        - Jim Hatten

An Assessment of the Adventure Learning Framework as a Learner-Engagement Model for
    Designers and Educators

        - Jeni Henrickson

Understanding Complex Ecologies: An Investigation of Student Experiences in Adventure
    Learning Programs

        - Suzan Koseoglu and Aaron Doering

Literacy Education

"Negotiating Identities in the Market Economy: An Analysis of Critical Literacy and Media

        - Candance Doerr- Stevens, Jessica Dockter Tierney, and Cynthia Lewis

Teacher-Parent Correspondence: A Case Study of Subject Positioning and Relationship

        - Heidi J. Jones

Developing Common Language: Genre and Subgenre in Young Adult Texts
        - Kristen Nichols-Besel

Mathematics Education

STEM integration: Integrating Engineering to Enhance Science Learning
        - Mi Sun Park, Tamara Moore, and Gillian Roehrig

Developing STEM Activities Around Algebraic Big Ideas
        - Micah Stohlmann and Tamara Moore

Reading Education

Embodiment Theories Contribution to reading Comprehension
        - Brock Dubbels

Science Education

SciGirls: A Curriculum Guide
        - Barbara Billington and Twin Cities Public Television

Teachers discovering climate change from a native perspective
        - Devarati Bhattacharya, Younkyeong Nam, Engin Karahan and Shiyu Liu

Thai High School Physics Teachers’ Conceptions of Student-Centered Teaching and

        - Kawin Chaumklang and Fred Finley

Apparent Inconsistencies in How Students Represent Similar Chemical Formulas at the
    Atomic/Molecular Level

        - Abdi Mohamed and James Nyachawaya

Same Program, different practices and views: In-service teachers’ use of inquiry and their
    perceptions of their licensure program/preparation

        - James Nyachwaya, Gillian Roehrig, and Frances Lawrenz

A Reflection on My Elementary Teaching Practice
        - Kristina Maruyama Tank

A new era of science education: Science teachers’ perception and classroom practices of
    science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) integration.

        - Hui-Hui Wang, Gillian Roehrig, and Tamara Moore

Second Languages and Cultures

Famílias Imigrantes Fora do Sistema Escolar: Observações do ensino oferecido no lar
Opting Out of the Mainstream: Exploring Language Policy in a Home-Schooling Immigrant     Family Setting

        - Marina B. Aleixo

Sprachhaltungen im DaF-Unterricht
Language attitudes in a German classroom

        - Johanna Ennser-Kananen

“Foreign Language Activities” in Japanese elementary schools: A critical analysis of a new
    language education policy

        - Sachiko Horii

Exploring foreign language subject matter knowledge: A Spanish teacher’s case
        - Jason Martel

donant sentit al fer-se adults: el dia a dia dels joves llatins indocumentats
Undocumented Latino immigrants: making sense of their transition to adulthood.

        - Gemma Punti

Deconstructing ESL: Exploring the Consequences of an Institutional Category
        - Adam C. Rambow

Negotiating Respect and Identity in classroom of students with LFS:

        - Sadaf Rauf

Exploring peer interaction between learners of Chinese as a second language
        - Fang (Andie) Wang

Social Studies

Students’ Constructions of National Narratives in Established and Emerging Democracies
        - Sara Levy, Dr. Patricia G. Avery, and Annette M.M. Simmons

Deliberative Democracy, Structured Academic Controversy, and Civic Outcomes for
    Secondary Students

        - Annette M. M. Simmons, Sara A. Levy, and Professor Patricia G. Avery