Current Draw - King of Clubs Tour

2013 King of Clubs Golf Tour Finale

Belvedere Golf Club – shotgun start 9:00 AM

Monday   October 7, 2013

In case of bad weather call the golf club (566-5542) to confirm that the Field Day is on.

1 A

Don Callbeck (Andersons Creek)

John Campbell (Andersons Creek)

Brian Hemphill (Andersons Creek)

Orville Mann (Andersons Creek)

1 B

Cliff Goodwin (Andersons Creek)

Len MacLellan (Andersons Creek)

Spike Martin (Andersons Creek)

Bob Maynard (Andersons Creek)

18 A

Tom Dunn (Clyde River)

David Hunt (Clyde River)

Peter MacNeil (Clyde River)

Peter McQuaid (Brudenell)

18 B

Jim Wentworth (Brudenell)

Art Hartley (Belvedere)

Wynn Meldrum (Eagles Glenn)

Ron MacNeill (Belvedere)


Barry White (Brudenell)

Bob Smith (Brudenell)

Dave MacLean (Brudenell)

Joe Brown (Brudenell)


Mike Coady (Belvedere)

Franklin Doyle (Belvedere)

Gary Moore (Belvedere)

Alan Pickard (Belvedere)

15 A

Lowell Kurylyk (Andersons Creek)

Bill Murphy (Andersons Creek)

Mike Ryan (Andersons Creek)

Norm Platt (Avondale)

15 B

Ken Doucette (Summerside)

John Gotell (Brudenell)

Dale Sabean (Summerside)

Maurice Sherry (Glen Afton)


Ron Boyles (Fox Meadow)

Chick Lenahan (Fox Meadow)

Roy Genge (Fox Meadow)

Joe Richard (Fox Meadow)

13 A

Mike Fitzgerald (Andersons Creek)

Tom MacDonald (Avondale)

Dave McAlduff (Countryview)

Phil Vessey (Countryview)

13 B

Merlin Affleck (Stanhope)

William MacMicken (Stanhope)

Mike McCarville (Stanhope)

Frank Morrison (Stanhope)


Joe Spriet (Brudenell)

Merrill Scott (Avondale)

Dave Matthes (Crowbush)

Michel Garneau (Avondale)


Jim Buote (Mill River)

Bob Dickson (Mill River)

Kenny Fraser (Mill River)

Jim MacIntyre (Mill River)


Harry Annear (Brudenell)

Ron Garrett (Brudenell)

Paul MacDonald (Brudenell)

Art Wallace (Brudenell)