Paula Elsie Hein was born 22 December 1886 in Union, MO, to Jacob W. & Emma (Neimaier) Hein.  From about 1895  to 1923 when she moved to St. Louis, Paula Hein photographed everything she could of her extended family, her home town, and her school classes.  About 500 of these photos, loose and in scrapbooks, exist.  They are a record of several old and well-known non-Prussian German  families who immigrated to Union beginning in the 1840's.  Surnames include: Hein, Drees/Dress, Reinhard, Neimaier,  Mueller, Vitt, Bruch, and a host of others.  The family photos are available on request.

Photos that have a broader appeal and/or those we cannot identify are found in the following pages in hopes that other Union/Franklin county researchers will have  information to exchange.   More images will be added as they are scanned.

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