Peggy Thomsen for Albany City Council 2012

I appreciate having had the opportunity to serve as your council member during the past 3 ½ years and am seeking your support for reelection. I have a proven record as an effective and responsible representative of Albany’s citizens. Throughout my 28 combined years on the city council and school board, I have demonstrated my commitment to open, responsive government  by listening carefully to all who wished to speak before making decisions. During my terms as Mayor and School Board President, every person wishing to speak had that opportunity. During my current council term, I have appointed people not previously involved in city government to committees. I am committed to maintaining Albany’s small-town character while meeting the needs of all our people, senior to youth. I will work to assure that our excellent basic services, including police and fire, are maintained, that infrastructure needs are met, and that we foster both economic and environmental sustainability. I am proud to have worked with my neighbors on the city’s only new open space, the Pierce Street Park. Working together, we can continue to make Albany a special place to live. I ask for your vote. Education: Ph.D., Educational Administration, UCB.