World Community

Peg’s passion for helping people and her love for travel have connected her to several NGOs like Global Citizens Network, where she volunteered in Thailand and Farmer to Farmer where she learned about women weavers and small scale coffee production in Guatemala.

While there her love of coffee and concern for coffee farmers, especially women farmers, led her and Rick to help finance Lesvia Gonzalez-Gomez to purchase her first coffee field. This will allow Lesvia and her family to earn a sustainable income for many years. In the last 5 years, Lesvia has been able to pay back her land loan and has produced 700 pounds of coffee produced from her land.  We are so proud of her and her entire family.  It has made our hearts full.

These are recent photos of the family Peggy and Rick continue to support thru From Houses to Homes in Antigua, Guatemala.  If you are interested or could donate please contact From Houses to Homes. 

On a recent trip to Guatemala her experience as a potter prompted Franklin Voorhes, founder of As Green As It Gets, to seek her assistance in building a clay pot water filter for individual homes in San Miguel Escobar, Guatemala. She researched the filter design used by Potters For Peace in several Central American Countries.
She returned to Guatemala with her fiancé, Rick Feavel, to spend a week building clay test filters.
Peg plans to visit Guatemala again to follow up on her work and
continue to expand her horizons. Our continued support of Guatemala and its people has lead us to a new NGO called From House to Homes.