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Individual, couples, family counseling, and consultation appointments are available.

We know from decades of research and observation many of the characteristics common among healthy, happy couples and families.  We also know many of the contributing factors of marital dissatisfaction and instability.  While some circumstances may be outside of a couple's control, many of the factors that create marital unhappiness and divorce are amenable for targeted interventions and repair.  Unhappy marriages can be saved and marital satisfaction and contentment can be restored. 
Most couples need help for their marriage at one time or another.  Those that receive the help they need are much more likely to regain their sense of connection and marital happiness.  They are more able to withstand the stresses and strains on their relationship that are an inevitable part of life, and they are more equipped to be able to stay together over time.
The navigational guide to the left will hopefully help you find the information you seek for fixing the problems in your relationship.   Original Article topics will be listed.  The "Helpful Links" page has excellent additional resources that you may find useful.  The "Recommended Readings" page provides you with recommendations for additional information.  You may download the forms necessary for working with me in counseling at "Getting Started With Dr. Ferguson".  The Store has "The Honey Jar", a couple communication product, available for purchase and download.

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