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    Trophy, multi Gold + Silver medals

Our second label award winning wine has equalled or beaten many of the best and iconic wines in Australia in open competition at various State and National wine shows. This unusual blend is comprised of cabernet sauvignon from 30 year old vines from Knight Granite Hills, shiraz from the Geelong Region and pinot noir from PEGERIC. The blend was aged in small new Seguin Moreau oak for 12 months.

60 % Cabernet Sauvignon: The grapes were grown in the Macedon Ranges, one of the coolest regions in Australia and come from vines that were planted in the early 1970’s. The yields were strictly controlled with the aim of producing small, intensely flavoured berries. These Cabernet vines are some of the oldest in the cooler parts of Victoria and were grown by our good friends, The Knight Family – famous for their multi trophy winning wines – KNIGHT GRANITE HILLS. The Cabernet Sauvignon in this Tumbetin blend contributes strength, structure and a full body to the wine which ensures a long cellaring life.

30 % Shiraz: The grapes were grown in the Geelong region, southwest of Melbourne and another cool climate region. This Shiraz component adds complexity to the middle palate and gives a fullness and richness as well as providing some soft tannins.

10 % Pinot Noir: This is the unusual part of the blend and is rarely combined anywhere in the world with Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. The Pinot Noir was grown in the high altitude (635 m) PEGERIC vineyard at Tylden in the Macedon Ranges , about 90 km  North of Melbourne . The Pinot Noir grown here is some of the latest harvested in Australia or New Zealand. It develops intense complexity in the bottle after about 8 years. The vines are close planted (1.5m x1.5m ) ,not irrigated , mulched  and the yields are deliberately reduced to an extremely low level (approx .5 kilo per vine ) .The Pinot Noir component adds an earthy fullness to the nose and palate and length to the finish of the wine .

The grapes were crushed separately. The Cabernet Sauvignon and the Pinot Noir were fermented in small open fermenters and frequently hand plunged. After completing fermentation, the wines were put into 100% new, small French and American oak casks made by Seguin Moreau, one of the best Tonnellerie. The wine remained in oak for over 12 months before bottling.  Minimal filtration was used to retain maximum flavour and so the wine has thrown some sediment. Consequently, it is recommended to decant the wine and allow it to breathe. Llew Knight, Ian Gunter and Chris Cormack were involved in the winemaking.

The wine is now showing the benefit of bottle age. The tannins have softened , and so has the acid backbone and this is now leading to a lovely smooth integration of flavours. Chocolate and mint characters are evident in the initial flavour profile and this is followed by a long earthy, gamey finish, a result of the Pinot Noir component. It will still develop for many years in the cellar.