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 2004  ESCARGOT   Reserve  Pinot  Noir
The colour is medium brick red  with some brown hues . The nose shows the influence of the lightly toasted new Seguin Moreau French oak casks.This is evident in the subtle , smoky character.
The palate is soft and rich with plum fruit and chocolate overtones , balanced by a nice  smoky oak influence . There is also a firm acid finish which will ensure the wine will continue to improve in the bottle for a number of years . Like other Pinot noir produced from this vineyard , it will  develop rich , earthy , bottle age characters as time progresses .
 2001   ESCARGOT  Pinot Noir
The colour is a pale light red with brown hues . Once again , the  high quality Seguin Moreau new French oak  is showing through with its smoky influence  . Bottle age has developed the earthy forest floor characters and this is supported by the rich plum fruit  .
The palate is elegant  , textured and smooth with a long  aftertaste and a big soft tannin finish. It shows lovely fruit with plum and dark chocolate flavours standing out . With breathing , the wine really opens up and reveals its true potential . 
 2002   ESCARGOT    2011 CathayPacific Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition
              Barbera                                            BEST WINE IN THE WORLD WITH BRAISED ABALONE
Barbera is mainly grown in Northern Italy , predominantly in Piedmont . Although traditionally Barbera was aged in large casks , modern versions are often aged in new oak barriques. The wines usually have good rich colour, are low in tannin and high in acid. Barbera ripens late and retains acidity in hot conditions, and is well suited to the warmer areas of inland Australia such as Leeton N.S.W. The 2002 vintage was one of the coolest for many years in the Leeton region and has led to a great deal of refinement and elegance in this wine. The grapes were grown by the Fiumara family who operate Lillypilly wines  www.lillypilly.com 
The 2002 was an exceptional vintage for Lillypilly wines and their 2002 Lillypilly Noble Blend sweet dessert wine ( The Big sister to our Barbera ! ) has wone an incredible 25 Trophies and 30 gold medals  at Australian and International wine shows !!
We were lucky to be allowed to buy some of Robert Fiumara's precious 2002 Barbera as he has not made aBarbera as a single varietal since 2002 and his own 2002 stock was lost in an accident .
Since 2002 Lillypilly has blended their Barbera  into their popular Red velvet wine
The vineyard was hand pruned and yields strictly controlled , leading to great intensity in the fruit. After fermentation and initial winemaking at Leeton by Robert Fiumara the wine was shipped to Granite Hills winery in the Macedon Ranges , Victoria  . At Granite Hills , the acclaimed winemaking team of Llew Knight and Ian Gunter took over the responsibility for looking after the wine . A single barrique of PEGERIC Pinot Noir from the 2000 vintage that had been rejected for the PEGERIC label was then blended with the Barbera .However this Pinot Noir had been aged in the finest quality new french oak made by Seguin Moreau . This  new blend was transferred to small French oak barriques that had previously been used to age our ultra premium PEGERIC Pinot Noir. The resulting  small oak maturation helped to provide some extra tannins and subtle "smoky" flavours to the wine, while the addition of this small portion of the Pinot Noir added length to the finish and some gamey characters .
The nose shows lovely , earthy , cherry characters together with a  subtle smokiness . The palate exhibits the classic ripe cherry flavours of Barbera and this is combined with chocolate , gameiness and the long earthy finish that the Pinot Noir adds . The tannins are soft and lingering and balanced by a clean acid finish .  Originally we thoughtthe best food match would be oily or cheesy Mediterranean dishes ,but now we know that it is a perfect match to Braised Abalone !
Judged  the Best wine in the World with Braised Abalone  at :
2011 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition -Trophy winner

  2004 ESCARGOT  Rose
              ( not released yet )
   A never to be repeated wine, this Rose style is a blend of Pinot Noir from 2 vineyards in the Macedon Ranges. A small portion was from Hesket while the major component came from our own Pegeric vineyard. The last fruit at Pegeric was picked in JULY after being infected with Botrytis. Some of the fruit came from special French clones 114 and 115. A machinery breakdown at the winery caused us to change the style of wine we were aspiring to and so this unique Rose was made. Suited to Asian foods. Serve chilled.