"To help keep burning bright the flame of love and hope within each street child; to help open the world's eyes to the plight of its forgotten street children."
Aims and Objectives
To work closely and in partnership with dedicated NGO and NPO street child organisations
To offer holistic and developmental training programmes for both educators & children
To not only introduce a well established system in which children may learn wholeheartedly but to make that education fun
Tocare for, protect and promote their fundamental freedoms
Toassist and make provisions for their basic needs
To liaise with the private and public sectors in order to raise awareness and possible support
To encourage a healthy and successful future for the children

Judy Westwater - 'This Morning'

Personal Development
To develop the awareness and understanding of self.
To build confidence in one’s own ability and the opportunity to grow in mind and body.
To develop imaginative understanding to compliment other learning.
To develop concentration, memory, listening skills, quality of voice and linguistic skills.
To aid children and educators to realise and achieve their full potentials and goals.
To generate interest and enthusiasm for further experiences.
Social Development
To help young people to understand the needs of others, be sensitive and sincere, to see and respect another’s ideas and points of view.
To aid communication and group awareness.
To encourage the exchange of ideas and interaction which promotes confidence throughout the whole group.

To develop and stimulate the following:

  • Imagination
  • Spontaneity
  • Self-awareness
  • Group awareness
  • Self-confidence
  • Clarity
  • Communication
  • Sensitivity
  • Sincerity
  • Reaction
  • Interaction





These benefits are enormous to both young people and educators:


Social awareness - working as part of a group, tact, cooperation, mutual respect and the isolate.
Communication skills - fluency in speech and vocabulary, body language and clarity.
Self-knowledge - identity, confidence, respect, discipline, worth etc.
Maturity - preparation for adult life, emotional maturity, sensitivity and sincerity.
Artistic awareness - imagination and self-expression.
Physical - coordination and fitness.
Therapeutic - solving ‘real-life’ problems, ‘safety valve’ for violence and frustration.
Training - social and moral, a different and less formal approach to giving information and advice e.g. sexual, drug abuse etc