Children's Art Classes

Term 3 

2018: I will only be doing four days this year - no Friday class. Classes resume the week July 23rd for term three, which will be nine weeks (a break in the middle).  Please contact me if your child is interested.

Location  My Woodend studio   Location Map
 3:30 – 4:30  Mon, Tue, Wed, & Thur.
 during school term
 Age  Primary school children  
 Price$117.00 / 9 weeks
  materials provided
 Size  Maximum 6 students/class  

I have been teaching children art over fifteen years now. The projects I use, while flexible, teach specific techniques and they build on each other. Classes are practical and suit doers rather than listeners. We draw and paint using various mediums - acrylic, watercolour, oil pastel, chalk pastel, crayon, pencil and all sorts of other stuff. Design and composition get thrown in as a matter of course. Most pick up drawing with little effort and I rarely have to use more formal instruction.
hildren produce their own art – every week. I run art classes, not a social club or child minding service.

Getting the most for your money

By doing prepared projects, your child will learn the basic techniques that can then be applied to their own projects. Think about why you are paying for art classes, because $100 can buy a lot of art supplies if they would rather just potter at home (very relaxing).  

Doing p
ersonal projects in class require that they need minimal input from me, and have enough skills and independence so I can teach a class around them without being harassed. 

Two terms will give you a basic art course which will be enough for many children. Others will want more because art is their thing, and they have exciting ideas about future projects. 

Payment options

Either full payment of the term fee in the first few weeks or partial payments during the term are fine. I will send invoices in weeks 1, midterm, and end of term with your balance to pay. I don't want to muck around with change and please ensure that cheques are for reasonable amounts. Make sure any cash left on the desk is clearly labelled; preferably watch me write it down on the spreadsheet.

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