I'm Joanne McDougall and I like messing around with pictures.

While I've been drawing all my life, painting is a newer passion. I use a variety of styles and media and at present am interested in depicting movement through air or water. I am best known for my birds and florals.

My children's book, "A Southern Tale," was published late 2016. Having spent a year running the Meteorological station on Campbell Island and tripping over sea lions, I was horrified to discover that they'd been put on the endangered list. See the book page on this website for a peek inside. If you cannot source a copy, just email me and I'll pop one in the post. I have just produced a line of Yellow-eye penguin cards.

2018 was my last year running weekly children's art classes. My studio has had a makeover but "retirement" has been so busy that the workshops and short courses I planned have not happened.

My latest book "Just Imagine: A drawing book for children," is published. It will take a while to get distribution sorted, so email me if you want a copy.

See my latest exhibition at the Kaiapoi Library.