Lab Presentation and Open Positions

The Laboratory for NanoIntegrated Systems (LNIS) research aims at developing low-power high-performance versatile computing systems by exploring the opportunities coming from novel EDA techniques and their links to emerging device technologies. Projects are carried out in an interdisciplinary team with a wide range of competences and in close collaboration with other labs and partners.

Prospective PhD and MSc/BSc students are encouraged to apply to the research group at the University of Utah.

Interested applicants shoud send a CV and a research statement by e-mail to Dr. Gaillardon at the following address:


Latest News

06/09/2021: Check out our FROG Testchip Bringup video.

05/17/2021: LNIS welcomes 3 team members: Andrew, Dan and Dillon. Welcome!

04/07/2021: Edouard successfully defended his PhD. Congrats!

03/29/2021: The paper Parasitic Capacitance Analysis of Three-Independent-Gate Field-Effect Transistors was accepted to JEDS. Congratulations Patsy!

03/25/2021: The LNIS welcomes two team members: Lea as a short-term scholar and Roman, a Post-doctoral Researcher.

03/15/2021: The paper "SLAP: A Supervised Learning Approach for Priority Cuts Technology Mapping" was accepted to the 58th Design Automation Conference (DAC). Congrats to Walter!

03/10/2021: The LNIS welcomes three undergraduate students to our reserach activities : Faris, Ben and Nichols.

01/29/2020: 2 papers have been accepted at the ISCAS 2021 conference. Congrats to Aurelien and Edouard!

01/25/2020: The LNIS welcomes 3 members: Clara, Will, and Andrew!

12/21/2020: Corinne joined the lab as a Research Staff. Welcome aboard!

12/11/2020: The poster "A Two-level Approximated Synthesis Method," won the 2nd best poster award at the 1st IEEE CASS/CEDA Seasonal School on Electronic Design Automation.

12/07/2020: Paper "Extending Boolean Methods for Scalable Logic Synthesis" has been accepted by IEEE Access.

11/25/2020: The poster "Smart-Redundancy: a new SEU & SET Mitigation Method for FPGAs" has been accepted by the SERESSA workshop. Congrats to Aurelien!

11/23/2020: The LNIS welcomes a new senior software developer: welcome to Ashton!

11/17/2020: Patsy presents her research on TIGFETs as part of the University of Utah IEEE chapter. Information and Zoom link here.

11/15/2020: Paper "A Deep Learning Approach of Sensor Fusion Inference at the Edge" has been accepted by the DATE 2021 conference. Congrats to Tom!

11/14/2020: Paper "A Scalable and Robust Hierarchical Floorplanning to Enable 24-hour Prototyping for 100k-LUT FPGAs" has been accepted by the ISPD 2021 conference. Congrats to Ganesh!

11/5/2020: Paper "OpenFPGA: Towards Automated Prototyping for Versatile FPGAs" was selected as the Best contribution award at the WOSET 2020 workshop. Congrats to everyone!

10/15/2020: 2 papers have been accepted by the WOSET2020 workshop.

09/12/2020: Paper "Read your Circuit: Leveraging Word Embedding to Guide Logic Optimization" has been accepted by the ASP-DAC 2021 conference. Congrats to Walter!

09/10/2020: The LNIS welcomes three new members: Grant, Clément and Nate. Welcome!

09/01/2020: An article about curb air pollution monitoring has been released by the COE from the University of Utah.