April 2008 Newsletter


In a landslide vote of 34,758 to 1,214 –a 96.63 percent approval rating – PEF members approved a four year contract with the state.  It was the highest number of votes ever cast for a new contract.  The contract still needs to be passed by the State Legislature and signed by the Governor to take effect. 


It is expected that we should see our retroactive money in June.  First you should see a 6% increase in your base pay along with a $500 increase in your location pay.  Then 1 or 2 pay periods later you should get a large check which will include your regular pay, 3% retroactive from 4/1/07, and a second 3% retroactive from 4/1/08.  Details of when educational benefits will resume are not yet known. It is also not known whether the educational benefits will be retroactive.



The results of our local steward elections are in and we now have 3 new stewards.  Gale Baptist (ED), Josephine Headley (82), and Sheila Hyppolite (L&D) have been elected for the first time as Union Stewards.  Patrick Byrnes (MICU) was also elected as a Steward, having decided not to run again as Assistant Council Leader.  Returning Stewards are Pearl Jones (L&D), Gloria Kaufman (OPD), Dolly Romeo (Amb Chemo), Corina Florece-Ruiz (IV), Cynthia Clarke (73).


Longtime Steward Merle Davis chose not to run for reelection (she has it in her head that she may retire soon) and I would like to thank her for her many years of service to PEF. 



PEF’s annual Nurses’ Breakfast will be held on Thursday May 8th from 7 – 10AM.  This year our celebration will again be held in Sodexho Court in the back of the Hospital’s cafeteria.   We hope you will be able to join us as we acknowledge your dedication and the important work you do. 



The buses will roll up to Albany on Tuesday June 10th for PEF’s NURSES’ LOBBY DAY.  For the past 3 years we have had more members attend this event then came from any other PEF/State  facility and I would love to see this continued.  It’s a day to rally at the State Capitol and to meet with State Legislators to let them know what issues are important to Nurses.  Call me at ext. 1362 to reserve your spot.



On Friday May 9th there will be a benefit fair during Nurses’ Week.  The fair will be held in Sodexho Court from 9-3.  Representatives from PEF Membership Benefits, PEF Travel, and from other PEF approved companies will be in attendance to help you with your financial, travel, and insurance needs.