We appreciate the great feedback and appreciation we get from our customers...

L. Slota, Lakewood, CO writes:
    "Outstanding, subject matter, well organized and highly professional.  Cynthia's passion and interest in providing interesting, fun, educational and historically accurate material of the art world is contagious.  The residents were captivated by the visual aids, subject matter and tempo of experience.  Three visitors to our location were so mesmerized by her presentation, they stay for the entire presentation!  Cynthia combines verbal, visual, tactile sensory elements into her lectures.  She also challenges the audiences with questions, therefore increasing the cognitive and reflective elements of this type of activity.  The presentation was most definitely enjoyed by all, we will be seeing her again soon!
L. Werenne, Resident in AZ writes: 
     "Once again you mesmerize, educate and entertain.  The "Crazy Mythological Stories" gave me a greater appreciation of art being MORE than a first glance, as you point out the nuances of the artist's details.  I always thought of Bacchus as a fat roly-poly, indulgently consuming a stalk of grapes and drinking wine.  What a surprise to see him as a handsome, hedonistic rogue in one artists rendering- WOW!" 
     "I Keep asking Activities "when is Cynthia coming" so I can save the date.  You are a ray of intelligence in our programs.  I am looking forward to your "Moses Two" presentation in August!"

K. Smith, St Andrews's Village writes:
    "It was a marketing event at St. Andrews! It was nice to attract a different group to the community. They found it to be very informative and you made it an interactive presentation, which they loved! They thought you were so knowledgeable and an expert in this field!"
From The Woods at Canco:
    "Cynthia's slideshow presentation on The History of the Impressionist Movement" was a delight. The slides were visually appealing, the knowledge she shared interesting and stimulating. It's a breath of fresh air to have someone like Cynthia present intellectual information in a way that engages a group of seniors for a full hour, and it is clear that Cynthia truly enjoys her work. I look forward to making this an annual engagement - when we're lucky enough to have her here in Maine!"

From Holly Creek Retirement Community tells us:
    "The residents at Holly Creek have loved every presentation that Cindy has done for us. She is well informed, personable and strikes the right chord between professor and entertainer.
    Not only are the slideshows vivid and bright but also engaging as Cindy also tasks the audience with finding answers to several questions related to the presentation material.
    Any community would be lucky to have Cindy come and present to their residents. It is never too late to learn something new and challenge our brains and Cindy makes it easy and does it well."

"I AM NOW A FAN" from L. Morgenthaler, resident in AZ
Thank you for your presentation.  I expressed to you how much I loved it.  Thank you again for taking the time to talk to me afterwards.  The Four living creatures that I was trying to explain are found in Ezekiel 1 and Revelation 4.  As you know, in art, the winged man is Matthew, the eagle is John, the ox is Luke, and the lion is Mark.