About Me

Cynthia Peer, Peer Presentations
Cynthia Peer is an art historian passionate about discovering the history and stories behind the painted canvas. 

Cynthia graduated in 2007 with top honors. She traveled back and forth from the US to Europe for over 15 years studying, researching and writing about the great works of art by the Masters. Her studies at the The National Gallery in London, The Louvre in Paris and her personal favorite, The Uffizi Gallery in Florence inspired her keen interest in the history and the artists behind the masterpieces we all have come to know and love.

Cynthia loves to share her discoveries and her enthusiasm is contagious. She began talking to friends and family about the interesting and inspiring stories behind the art and eventually created Peer Presentations. Projecting the vivid artwork, she brings these extraordinary stories to life for viewers. The presentations were met with great interest and she now travels world wide sharing invigorating presentations like . "Summertime in Art History",  "Themes of Love in Art History", "The Creation Story told Through the Arts", "The Crazy Mythological Stories told Through the Arts", complete biographies on most of the greatest artist from the Renaissance to the era of Impressionism, and so many more exiting and interesting presentations.

Cynthia presents the stories behind the great works of art in a way that engages her audiences, interacting with them and stimulates their imagination "striking a chord between professor and entertainer."