Pedro Alberto Vera-Perez
I am a workaholic web applications developer stuck somewhere around the DC beltway.

In my paid time I write code, irritate my customers and co-workers and drink too much caffeine.

In my free time I watch too much TV, play video games, read, write, take pictures, irritate my family and friends and drink too much caffeine. 

I also run a micro registrar to provide affordable domain registration and web hosting services to my close friends (there's a better explanation here). If you are tired of getting ripped off by your registrar and would like to have a registrar that answers his own 
phone, texts and instant messages, you may want to check out our price list. We even sell hosting for Windows and Linux and security certificates by Comodo. 

I also spend too much of my time on Google Plus, which is probably the easiest way to contact me. Don't bother trying to contact me on Facebook unless I already know you, and don't bother me trying to contact me on LinkedIn unless we have worked together in the past or you are a recruiter.