About Me

I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I studied English for several years and eventually starting teaching English as a second Language at the age of 19.
In the Summer of 1994, I moved to Marquette, MI (Say Hello to the UP, eh?) to attend Northern Michigan University, pursuing a degree in Business Computer Information Systems with emphasis on System Analysis and Networking. Early on, I started to volunteer to assist during CIS classes, helping fellow students navigate our computer system, email, Internet, MS Office, etc. I soon began working as a Computer Lab tutor, which allowed me to continue that work, but on a larger scale.
Early in 1997, I was able to represent the College of Business at a Business Advisory Council meeting in Detroit, where I shared with NMU Business Executive Alumni and Faculty ways in which students could use HTML and their own NMU web domain to create a "Prospective Employers" page where they could showcase their resume, post projects and papers and any other material that would give employers a little more information than just the piece of paper in front of them. It would also show a bit of ingenuity and creativity on the part of the candidate. Thanks to that presentation, I was asked to interview with Park Bank in Madison, WI, where I started as a Network Administrator in May of 1997.
That was the beginning of a long and successful tenure of over 18 years at Park Bank, where I grew the IT department from a 1-man show to a staff of 7 highly skilled and motivated individuals, supporting 13 locations and close to 200 associates. While I still took Help Desk calls as needed as a VP of IT, over the years my role changed to include more and more strategic elements, including IT and Operations Strategic Planning, Risk Management, Information and IT Security, Security Awareness Training, Business Continuity, Technology Project and Vendor Management, 3rd party IT audits and State/FDIC IT exams, and the review and creation of a number of policies and procedures that supported these areas.
A very important part of my job was to manage people. While that can be the hardest part of one's job, I think it is also the most rewarding. I value people who are creative, curious, who think outside the box and revel in the opportunity to speak their mind and share their ideas and feedback. People who are emotionally intelligent, who can handle conflict professionally and constructively, who provide feedback candidly and promptly, who lead innovation and embrace change as a strategy. People who take pride in not only what they do, but how they do it. People who break down barriers and help bring others together as a team. 
If you are looking for people like that, you're in luck...
I'm one of them.