This Winki's Facebook Mix

Here comes my 2nd mixtape for my Facebook pals.
The mood ranges from apathy to romance and they sound really wow.
Some of them are new talented faces and some you might already know.
Hope you have fun w/ it. 


Total Running Time - 26 mins


01 "AM Theme" by Other Lives

02 "Ex Oh" by Jeepster

03 "Born In A Light" by Ryan Adams and the Cardinals

04 "Don't Blame Your Daughter" by The Cardigans

05 "What I Must Do" by Sean Fournier

06 "Ready To Die" by The Unicorns

07 "St. Augustine" by Band Of Horses

08 "Where Is My Mind (Pixies Cover)" by Emmy the Great

09 "False Alarm" Cherry Ghost

10 "Hope" by John Frusciante