Pedro Jose Mora
Suggesting a Non-Violent Political Revolution

Now is the Time for a Non-Violent Revolution!

We know that life on earth is imperiled by our own environmental abuse. We also know that unsustainable pollution and the depletion of resources are mainly the product of ineffective government regulations.

What we need to realize now is that the current “Parliamentary-Monarchy" type of government, also classified as "Representative Democracy”, which legislates ineffective social and environmental regulations, is empowered by our own acquiescence, and if we continue supporting this potentially doomed Representative Democracy, life on earth will continue to suffer unnecessarily, and eventually we might even annihilate ourselves.

Once we realize that too much political power in the hands of a few politicians will inherently continue to corrupt, we must look for an alternative form of governance.

Thanks to the internet, we have now more information than ever before. We also have now the best computer technology to participate on "Initiative, Referendum, and recall". We are ready now to govern ourselves. What we need is the collective will to shift from “Monarchic Representative Democracy” to “Citizens Direct Democracy”

Consider a political change with the following Constitution framework as a starter.

We the sovereign citizens adopt a constitution which establishes the territory now known as the Province of British Columbia, as a new State united to Canada.

The New Constitution for the territory known as British Columbia shall include in simple and concise language the following articles:

We The Sovereign Citizens

1.- Adopt, by referendum, the name of this new political state.

2.- Adopt The Canadian Charter of Human Rights, as an overriding legislation to safeguard minority’s human rights.

3.- Establish a clear understanding that the citizen’s choices of this new political state are supreme, not the Queen and her Governors, not the Legislative Assembly and Canada’s Parliament, nor businesses interests or corporate rights.

4.a) All legislation shall be initiated exclusively by citizens and supported by the majority of citizens, via perpetual, computerized referendum system.

4.b) computerized mechanisms to facilitate Initiative and referendum shall be sufficiently available, in public libraries and other electoral offices across the State, and the polling system shall be accessible, secure, and verifiable.

5.a) From a list of candidates, submitted by citizens for each riding, on an official, computerized, perpetual electoral system, the candidate with the most votes shall be the Delegate to the Political Assembly , "DPA".

5.b) No "Term of Office". The Political Delegate’s position shall last as long as the majority of citizens maintain support for that Delegate.

6.- ) The political Delegate’s role shall be limited to facilitate the legislation decided by the majority of voters, and to supervise the executions of the citizens' mandate by the government.

7.a) All Delegates to the Political Assembly shall select a Minister of State, "MS”. The position shall be subject to recall by all DPAs.

7.b) The Minister of State shall facilitate the Legislative Assemble proceedings and represent the State, nationally and internationally.

8.- All DPAs, shall vote to appoint Ministers who shall govern the bureaucratic operations of the Ministries. The Ministerial appointments shall be subject to recall.

9.- All DPAs, shall vote to appoint “The State” Judges. The positions shall be subject to recall.

10.- National and International commitments and agreements shall be accepted or rejected by the majority of citizens on an on-going referendum.

pjm 2010.08.18

Here is your opportunity to start a new political system.

Currently, Representative Democracy means electing representatives, where:
  • You legally abdicate your responsibility to make any more political decisions.
  • You legally assign all decision making power to the political representative of your choice.
  • Consequently, you legally dis-empower yourself from effectively participating in any local political choices.
Consider the alternative: Direct Democracy
  • Where you select a political delegate who will represent NOT his or her choices, but the voter’s choices.
  • The public consensus can be easily measured on a non-profit, non partisan, perpetual, secure polling system, managed by citizens’ committees and/or BC Elections.
  • Examine a framework of this poll at: www.nowpolling.ca
  • Vote for your perpetual right to “Initiative, Referendum, & Recall”

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