Pedro Daniel Jara-Moroni

Current position

Associate Professor at Departamento de Economía,

Facultad de Administración y Economía, Universidad de Santiago de Chile.


PhD in Economics at EHESS (Paris School of Economics),

PhD in Applied Mathematics at Universidad de Chile (Department of Mathematical Engineering),

short CV

Postal Adrress:

Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Departamento de Economía,

Av. Lib. Bdo. O'Higgins 3363

Estación Central, Chile

Fono: +562 27180751

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Research Interests

Primary: Game Theory, Mathematical Economics, Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization, Expectational Coordination.

Secondary: Transportation Networks, Urban Economics, Transportation Economics.

Research Papers

Rationalizability and mixed strategies in large games

P Jara-Moroni

Economics Letters (2017) 162, 153-156

Integrated traffic-transit stochastic equilibrium model with park-and-ride facilities

CE Cortés, P Jara-Moroni, E Moreno, C Pineda

Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies (2016) 71, 86-107

A dominance solvable global game with strategic substitutes

R Harrison, P Jara-Moroni

Journal of Mathematical Economics (2015) 57, 1-11

Stochastic transit equilibrium

CE Cortés, P Jara-Moroni, E Moreno, C Pineda

Transportation Research Part B: Methodological (2013) 51, 29-44

Rationalizability in games with a continuum of players

P Jara-Moroni

Games and Economic Behavior (2012) 75 (2), 668-684

Expectational coordination in simple economic contexts

R Guesnerie, P Jara-Moroni

Economic Theory (2011) 47 (2-3), 205-246.


Modelo de equilibrio estocástico para asignación conjunta de transporte público y privado (con CE Cortés, E Moreno, C Pineda)

Congreso Chileno de Ingeniería de Transporte (2013)

Work in Progress

Expectational Coordination and Rationalizability in Games with a Continuum of Players

Global Games and Strategic Substitutabilities (with R. Harrison)

A Two-Stage Model of R&D with Endogenous Timing in Quantity Competition (with LJ Basso)

The Cournot outcome as the result of price competition (2008) PSE Working Paper 2007-24.

Electricity markets with capacity investments (with A. Jofré and R. Guesnerie)

A Land Use Equilibrium Model With Endogenous Incomes (with A Jofré, F Martınez)

Thesis Jury: Roger Guesnerie (Advisor), A. Jofré (co-advisor), M. Ali Khan; Gabriel Desgranges, Christophe Chamley, Stéphane Gauthier.

PhD Thesis:

Racionalizabilidad en Juegos y Coordinación de Anticipaciones, Universidad de Chile (2008)

Rationalizabilité en jeux et la coordination des anticipations, Paris, EHESS (2008)