8thLife Medias
is a chaordic media network

to document
the efforts of the 8th generation of the industrial era of civilization

in transitioning to a sustainable, planetary and renewed culture (a PermaCulture).

Our questions are: Will we get a 9th Life? Who's working on this? What will it look like?
YOU (or your media or film company) are welcome to be part of 8thLife Medias 
& the PeDreTea project is our first networked educational adventure together.

If you would like to receive news, be part of
OnLine (supporting / media) team
OR  the OnSite team

For Builders of a new Planetary Culture

We believe that stopping the destruction,
working to build soil, restore ecosystems, 
 our addictions, re-design the organizational structures 

of the global economy
learning to live in community
starting locally ... are the most important & urgent jobs to do now.
If you are clear for yourself that supporting the transition of our destructive society to a sustainable world is your first priority, you will love this & we are looking  for you.

Definitions of Terms

Medias - means socks or stockings in Spanish (since we work bilingually, in both English and Spanish), and is an (incorrect) plural of 'media' in English - to emphasize we work in any creative way that communicate a message.   

The socks are just a fun thing but also refer to 'people who walk their talk' - which is those we are interested in filming & documenting, in any way that makes sense for more fertile action to result.

Chaordic - the design of networks: no centre, but clear protocols about what we do and how we relate.  These definitions are all part of the protocols of 8thLife Medias, as is the basic statement of beliefs, above "We believe ..."  - click HERE for more techie details on 'chaordic'

PermaCulture - a holistic science to re-design our culture toward a sustainable planet, guided by clear ethics (Care of People, Earth & Future) - click HERE for more details