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Dear Colleagues,
It is my pleasure to inform you that the submission for the special issue of Geoderma on Innovations in Pedometrics from the Pedometrics 2011 conference has been open. You can submit your manuscripts through the Elsevier online system on http://ees.elsevier.com/geoder/
On submitting, make sure that you select the Special issue: Innovations in Pedometrics. 
In your manuscripts, please take into account the comments, suggestions and criticisms that you received in the pre-selection process from the reviewers based on the extended abstracts.
The submitted manuscripts will go through regular review process, so that there is no guarantee that your manuscript will be finally accepted and published. In contrary, we have to reduce the number of papers by approximately 25% to fit into the special issue.

I am sorry for the delay from the original deadline. The arrangement of special issue submission took longer than we expected. Nevertheless, we would like to finish the complete special issue as soon as possible, hopefully before the end of the year. Therefore, the deadline for submission will be May 15, 2012. We believe that you have the manuscripts ready in most cases and just waited for submission opening. In really exceptional cases, if you do not manage for some serious reasons to submit before the deadline and still want to submit, let me know in advance. Also, if you decide not to submit your manuscript, please let me know.

With best regards
Lubos Boruvka