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Pediatric Must Read Booklist

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How Doctors Think Groopman, Jerome Doctoring & Decision Making Rochester, Nicole; CNMC Cogen, Fran; CNMC Su, Lillian; CNMC Sze, Raymond; CNMC Greenberg, Jay; CNMC Ottolini, Mary; CNMC Pavuluri, Padma; CNMC Manicone, Paul; CNMC Shah, Rahul; CNMC "Required reading for all residents" "Dr.Groopman was in the class ahead of me in medical school and is a gifted physician." "Explores human error and how it happens in medicine." "Targeted for patients but is equally compelling and important for physicians. It discusses the buffet of cognitive errors and land mines we face every day as we diagnose adn treat patients and offers vivid patient stories and practical solutions for minimizing them and taking better care of our patients." "I think this is a must read." "Great for anyone who works in medicine (or is treated in medicine)." B&N 
A Hope in the Unseen Susskind, Ron Culture, Inner City Kind, Terry; CNMC Chen, Candice; CNMC "Especially important for the practicioner in Southeast DC." "It's not about medicine but it follows a boy who grows up in SE DC, makes it out of DC schools and goes to college at Brown University. It provides an interesting insight into the lives of our patients."  
American Dream DeParle, Jason Culture- Poverty Rosenthal, Eric; CNMC Bill Clinton vowed to "end welfare as we know it" in his first run for president in 1992. Four years later, Congress translated a catchy slogan into a law that sent nine million women and children streaming from the rolls. Did it work? In his definitive book on this unprecedented upheaval in social policy, New York Times reporter and two- time Pulitzer Prize finalist Jason DeParle follows three women in one extended family to a set of surprising answers.  B&N 
Medicine at the Crossroads Konnor, Melvin  Rosenthal, Eric; CNMC   
Surgery of the Soul: reflections on a Curious Career Murray, Joseph Doctoring Murthy, Ananth; CNMC  B&N 
The Century of the Surgeon Thorwald, Jurgen History of Medicine Kerzner, Benny; CNMC "One of the most inspirational reads I have had. An old but wonderful book that made me feel sort of proud to join this profession." The author, a German journalist with a background of medicine, by the narrative device of a peregrinating nonpracticing surgeon, draws a vivid picture of 19th century surgery. He successfully re-creates the exciting era of the introduction of anesthesia and the birth of antiseptic surgery which gave such impetus to surgical advancement. From the surgical amphitheatre of the Massachusetts General Hospital to a filthy hovel in Khanpur, India, Thorwald weaves a thrilling international and panoramic story of surgery in which the familiar names Morton, Warren, Lister, Koch, Billroth and Halsted become living personalities. This book will be of interest and appealboth to the layman and to the medical profession. Physicians and surgeons will find it stimulating and informative."   
My Own Country : A Doctor's Story of a Town and Its People in the Age of AIDS Verghese, Abraham Doctoring Kamani, Naynesh; CNMC  B&N 
Achieving Safe & Reliable Healthcare Leonard, M et al Healthcare Chamberlain, James; CNMC "This is a must read for anyone who cares about patient safety. It is also a very easy and enjoyable read."  
Redefining Health Care : Creating Value-Based Competition on Results Porter, Michael Healthcare Conway, Patrick; CNMC "Harder to do in practice than his theoretical writing but an excellent read for anyone who wants to consider the system and policy aspects of health care." B&N 
A Map of the Child : A Pediatrician's Tour of the Body Sanghavi, Darshak Doctoring Conway, Patrick; CNMC In this compelling book, Dr. Darshak Sanghavi takes the reader on a dramatic tour of a child’s eight vital organs, beginning with the lungs and proceeding through the heart, blood, bones, brain, skin, gonads, and gut.Along the way, we meet children and families in extraordinary circumstances—a premature baby named Adam Flax who was born with undeveloped lungs, a teenage boy with a positive pregnancy test, and a young girl who keeps losing weight despite her voracious appetite. In a deeply personal narrative, Sanghavi provides a richly detailed—and humanized—portrait of how the pediatric body functions in both sickness and health. B&N 
Life in the Balance Graboys, Thomas Doctoring, Patient Experience Robb, Adelaide; CNMC A Physician’s Memoir of Life, Love and Loss With Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia.  
Sippy Cups are not for Chardonnay Wilder-Taylor, Stefanie Parenting Johns, Christina; CNMC A "hysterical, practical, well written book by a REAL mom who, in my book, has the right perspective on parenting." B&N 
Naptime Is the New Happy Hour : And Other Ways Toddlers Turn Your Life Upside Down Wilder-Taylor, Stefanie Parenting Johns, Christina; CNMC A "hysterical, practical, well written book by a REAL mom who, in my book, has the right perspective on parenting." B&N 
Damages Werth, Barry Malpractice Best, Dana; CNMC "A scary story of a "bad birth" outcome and how the US tort system fails everyone involved. Very readable, too." B&N 
Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story Carson, Ben Doctoring Pavuluri, Padma; CNMC About an African American neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins. B&N 
House of God Shem, Samuel Doctoring Pavuluri, Padma; CNMC Some people loved it -- it made the phrase GOMER infamous. But I really detested it, and couldn't get through it at all.  
Vaccinated Offit, Paul Healthcare Manicone, Paul; CNMC (Chief of ID and CHOP). He writes a very readable history of vaccinology and vaccine policy as well as the current threats against the vaccine campaign. I think all pediatricians are stakeholders in understanding the history of vaccinology and vaccine preventable diseases so that we do not start to see them in greater numbers again. The MMR/Autism debacle is also laid out in an informed evidence based fashion.  B&N 
If I Get to Five: What Children Can Teach Us about Courage and Character  Epstein, Fred Doctoring Ezon, David; CNMC If you forgot why you entered pediatrics, read this book. A must for anyone taking care of chronically or seriously ill children. B&N 
Delivering Doctor Amelia: The Story of a Gifted Young Obstetrician's Error and the Psychologist Who Helped Her  Shapiro, Dan Doctoring, Mistakes Seelbach, Elizabeth; CNMC It is written by a clinical psychiatrist who specializes in dealing with physicians. It does not deal with pediatrics specifically, but deals with how doctors cope with mistakes. It is based on a true physician (an OB) that Dr Shapiro treated after she delivered a baby that ended up having CP likely from a mistake she did. It is a great insight on how doctors often hide their true feelings and how the profession/society puts so much pressure on doctors to be perfect.  B&N 
Mom's Marijuana : Life, Love, and Beating the Odds Shapiro, Dan Patient Experience Seelbach, Elizabeth; CNMC The book is about the author's experience as a childhood cancer survivor navigating through the medical system. B&N 
Medical Choices, Medical Chances : How Patients, Families, and Physicians Can Cope with Uncertainty Burstztajn, Richard et al Doctoring Silber, Tomas; CNMC Though it does not deal specifically with pediatrics , it clearly shows how we must acknowledge with humility the “ gambling “ aspect of what we are doing. B&N 
The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science  Doidge, Norman Patient Experience Scheller, Joseph- CNMC A very nice book about bain plasticity that paints an optimistic picture about brain injury. B&N 
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Haddon, Mark Autism Kind, Terry- CNMC; Scheller, Joseph- CNMC  B&N  
Autobiography of a Face Grealy, Lucy Patient Experience Doroshow, Robin- CNMC;  A beautifully written story of a girl who suffered through Ewing's of the jaw with horrific treatments and many many attempts at cosmetic repair. It is remarkably free of self-pity but very illuminating. To her, cancer was nothing compared with living with severe disfigurement.  B&N 
Tuesdays with Morrie : An Old Man, a Young Man, and Life's Greatest Lesson Albom, Mitch Patient Experience Luchtman-Jones, Lori Contains many lessons about how we should act and what is important to people who don't have much time left. B&N 
Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science  Gawande, Atul Doctoring, Healthcare, Mistakes Su, Lillian; CNMC Conway, Patrick; CNMC; Doroshow, Robin- CNMC; Dalton, Heidi- CNMC A Harvard sugeron who talks about how medicine is ultimately human and therefore subject ot the consequences of human error. I read it right before beginning my PICU fellowship and I found it oddly reassuring that even great surgeons at Harvard make mistakes! B&N 
Better: A Surgeon's Notes on Performance Gawande, Atul Doctoring Su, Lillian; CNMC; Doroshow, Robin- CNMC; Dalton, Heidi- CNMC It discusses "how certain people strive to achieve excellence in medicine and can really make a difference." B&N 
Enrique's Journey Nazario, Sonia Patient Experience In this astonishing true story, award-winning journalist Sonia Nazario recounts the unforgettable odyssey of a Honduran boy who braves unimaginable hardship and peril to reach his mother in the United States. Minier, Mark- CNMC B&N 
A Doctor of Their Own: The History of Adolescent Medicine  Prescott, Heather Doctoring Doroshow, Robin- CNMC; It's a very readable history of adolescent medicine. B&N 
Child Health in America: Making a Difference through Advocacy Palfrey, Judith Healthcare, Advocacy Paulson, Jerrome; CNMC "Judith Palfrey is a bright, thoughtful and compassionate pediatrician. She has written several excellent books." B&N 
Copes Early Diagnosis of the Acute Abdomen Silen, William Medicine Qureshi, Faisel; CNMC "Copes Early diagnosis of the Acute Abdomen is a great read for anybody who has to evaluate a patient with abdominal pain. It is very short, an easy read and a must have for surgical interns. Pediatricians are the first line however in evaluating children with abdominal pain so I think that it is very useful. " B&N 
Deaf in Delhi: A Memoir (Deaf Lives Series, Vol. 4)  Vasishta, Madan Patient Experience, Culture Campos, Joseph; CNMC In 1952, after two weeks of typhoid fever and the mumps, 11-year-old Madan Vasishta awoke one night to discover that he could no longer hear. He was horrified because in India, the word for “deaf” in all three main languages, Punjabi, Urdu, and Hindi, denoted someone who was not really human. But he was young, brash, and irrepressible, and his autobiography Deaf in Delhi: A Memoir reveals how his boundless optimism enabled him to persist and prevail. Vasishta’s story reflects the India of his youth, an emerging nation where most people struggled with numbing poverty and depended upon close family ties, tradition, and faith to see them through. His family’s search for a cure took him to a host of medical specialists and just as many sadhus and mahatmas, holy men and priests. The school in his small village was ill-prepared to educate deaf students then, so he herded the family cattle, usually the work of hired servants. Vasishta refused to accept this as his final lot in life and fantasized constantly about better jobs. Eventually, he moved to Delhi where his dream of becoming a photographer came true. He also discovered the Delhi Deaf community that, with his family, helped him to achieve an even higher goal, traveling to America to earn a degree at Gallaudet College. Vasishta, a natural raconteur, imbues Deaf in Delhi with the ever-present ebullience that served him so well in his journey. Readers will savor his good humor and honest observations and look forward to his next book with great relish. Madan Vasishta is Associate Professor in the Department of Administration and Supervision at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. B&N 
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Covey, Stephen Career Advice Biswas, Saumitra- CNMC  B&N 
The Life You Imagine: Life Lessons for Achieving Your Dreams Jeter, Derek Career Advice Biswas, Saumitra  B&N 
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down Fadiman, Anne Patient Experience, Culture, Communication Chapman, Jennifer; CNMC, Best, Dana; CNMC, Liberman, Danica; CNMC Kaplan, Jennifer; CNMC James, Joette; CNMC Kind, Terry; CNMC Rosenberg, Melanie; CNMC Rosenthal, Eric; CNMC Fink, Edward; CNMC ; Doroshow, Robin- CNMC; "An excellent illustration of the importance of communicating through cultural differences. Very readable." Interacting with patients and families from a different culture & language than your own. "For example, asking a parent what he things is going on with the child, or how they think the child should be treated can be very revealing." "The quintissential book on cultural barriers in providing pediatric care. ..chronicled the care of a yong Hmong girl with seizure disorder in California. This is a favorite, cherished read for many." "An intriguing, insightful, and revelatory account of a Hmong girl stricken with seizures, her American doctors, and the cross-cultural impasse when communication and culture share few commonalities." B&N 
The Woman at the Washington Zoo : Writings on Politics, Family, and Fate Williams, Marjorie Patient Experience Luchtman-Jones, Lori- CNMC;  Contains many lessons about how we should act and what is important to people who don't have much time left. B&N 
Doctor Stories, The Use of Force Williams, William Carlos Doctoring Coddington, Dale- CNMC; Breslin, Kristen- CNMC For a historical perspective on medicine. B&N 
Attending Children: a Doctor’s Education Mohrmann, Margaret Doctoring Doroshow, Robin- CNMC A a very nice, readable account of a pediatrician’s “development” through her training years, detailing how she learned from her patients. Lots of patient stories. JAMA said, “Deserves a special place in the library of each and every medical professional who cares for children of all ages.” B&N 
The Intern Blues: The Timeless Classic about the Making of a Doctor  Marion, Robert Doctoring Breslin, Kristen-CNMC Written by a pediatric geneticist based on tape-recorded journals kept by 3 pediatric interns. It's light reading compared to the above books, and it's often funny. It's interesting to see how treatments have changed since the 1980s, but most of the issues in the book--overwork, dealing with difficult teams, coping with caring for sick children--are not very different. B&N 
Year of the Intern Cook, Robin Doctoring, Residency Orgel, Etan- CNMC Its a fictional narrative based on a collection of real life experiences that describes the inevitable growing cynicism and feelings of inadequacy that will hit home to any resident in their first year. B&N 
Intern: A Doctor's Initiation  Jauhar, Sandeep  Residency, Doctoring Doroshow, Robin  B&N 
Kill as Few Patients as Possible: And Fifty-Six Other Essays on how to Be the World's Best Doctor  London, Oscar Doctoring Markello, Thomas- CNMC;  A comedy book with real interesting comments – very short and witty kind of an Andy Rooney 60 minutes essays for doctors. B&N 
Modern Medical Mistakes Lambert, Edward Doctoring Markello, Thomas- CNMC;  A very short book that has real wisdom. Ed was a Pediatric Cardiologist at the Buffalo Children’s Hospital who died suddenly. This manuscript was found on his desk and published posthumously. B&N 
Arrowsmith Lewis, Sinclair Culture, Race, and Medicine Lowe, Jack- CNMC One of two books that "The two books which inspired most of us in my generation, and before, to go into medicine were written in the 1920's and which must be read with an understanding of the biases (especially racial) of the times. Sinclair Lewis, the fabulous satirist of "Main Street" and "Babbitt" wrote a reasonably straight story about a young doctor and the fight for dignity and honesty in the face of commercialism and the need for academic advancement. " B&N 
Microbe Hunters de Kruif, Paul Resaearch, Infectious Epidemics Lowe, Jack- CNMC One of the "two books which inspired most of us in my generation, and before, to go into medicine were written in the 1920's and which must be read with an understanding of the biases (especially racial) of the times." The book is "about the great fights against infectious disease epidemics." B&N 
The Joy of Pediatrics Ziai, Moshen Doctoring Tokovic, Edisa; CNMC  B&N 
RAPT Gallagher, Winifred Patient Experience Verghese, Susan Focuses on one's attention to life, written about one patient's experience as a breast care survivor. A great read! B&N 
Composing a Life Bateson, Mary Catherine Life & Career Verghese, Susan About life as a creative process seen through the lives of 5 intelligen women balancing life & careers. B&N 
Side Effects: A Prosecutor, a Whistleblower, and a Bestselling Antidepressant on Trial  Bass, Alison Medication Trial, Law & Medicine McCarter, Robert "The book addresses very serious problems regarding the process by which industry develops, approves, and distributes medications. The book is an eye-opening assessment of the how easily the approval and use of meds can very quickly get out of control with dire consequences."  B&N 
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