• Asynchronized . Learn in your appropriate time.
  • 100 days course with 10 modules on weekly base.
  • Specially designed for pediatric nephrology fellows, trainees, junior nephrologist and pediatric residents. 
  • It enhances the background and the training of  pediatricians and adult nephrologists at any level in the pediatric nephrology specialty.
  • It is useful in preparation for any postgraduate pediatric nephrology degree or Fellowship.
  • This focused course boosts the knowledge and performance in relatively very short period
  • NOT  a "Questions bank " or "Didactic talks" course
                          • Congenital & Hereditary 
                          • Homeostasis
                          • Glomerulopathy
                          • Tubulopathy
                          • Renovascular Disorders
                          • Urinary tract Disorders
                          • Systemic Diseases
                          • Renal Failure
                          • Dialysis
                          • Transplantation
                          • Review
                          • Good computer skills.
                          • Good English language.
                          • Gmail account (email address of Google)