Pedagogy of Simultaneity

What is it? 

The Pedagogy of Simultaneity (PoS) is an attempt to define learning and a related pedagogy that accounts for the simultaneous engagements that occur in any given learner's environment. It is an attempt to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow and make these challenges visible in a pedagogy. Trust, discussion and collage are the carrying features of learning and pedagogy based on PoS. A short tentative talk about trust, discussion and collage as PoS cornerstones here.  We hold them as the key concepts, the observable phenomena and related activities of learning in PoS. Behind these concepts, phenomena, and activity, we attempt to account for the empowering energies and layers of time, space, and social presence. All of these interact simultaneously. That is why we use the term Pedagogy of Simultaneity. We think it is worthwhile to explore developing a pedagogy that accounts for all of these as they naturally and simultaneously occur. 

Please note that these ideas are not (nor could they be) fully formulated. This is not a 'thing' as such, but rather an idea that something more complex is taking place in learning than is reflected in our current pedagogies. PoS is never complete. It will be written and used in the way people join the process and take PoS for their own practices.

How to participate

We invite all like-minded and critical people to help us compose and make explicit a pedagogy of simultaneity (PoS).  The site itself is public, but you need to be invited to make edits and comments so please email Pekka for an invitation at ihanainenpekka ( at )  

Pekka Ihanainen and Michael Sean Gallagher

How it started

PoS came into being from Michael´s blog writing about Pekka´s (and John Moravec´s) article and the discussion that followed the blog entry. Pekka and Michael have then worked on the topic without any special aim or schedule in a wiki and now we felt it the right moment to open up this effort for everyone to participate. We are looking to collaborate with anyone interested in exploring this space. 

The PoS site has at the moment the following working domains, which can be found as menu options to the left: 
  • Background text-including the original conversations and discussions between Pekka and Michael
  • Pos ontology
  • PoS epistemology
  • PoS in every day life - ideas and examples.
We encourage you to participate if whatever way you feel comfortable. A comment, an edit, an idea, all are welcome. Whatever is produced from this collaboration will include accreditation to all the people that participated. We are all authors here. 

Who we are

Michael Sean Gallagher is a PhD student at the Institute of Education, University of London, a researcher, and an avid blogger. His research interests including mobile learning, multimodality, ICT4D, and elearning. He tweets from @mseangallagher, which is how he met Pekka. 

Pekka Ihanainen (Licentiate in Education) is a teacher educator at HAAGA-HELIA School of Vocational Teacher Education, Helsinki Finland. His research interest is especially  focused in humaneness in education and learning and he has tried out to find "the soul of web" since 1995. He has worked in Jyväskylä School of Visually Handicapped, University of Jyväskylä, 
and Socio-Dynamic counseling Center in Finland.  He is also the founder and managing director of RDI company IhaNova Ltd. You can find Pekka from the blog and Twitter @peeii