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The Pebble smartwatch is 'wearable technology', a device no larger than a nice wrist watch that in effect becomes and extension of your smartphone.  Currently working best with Apple iPhones and Android devices the Pebble might just be the evolutionary leap forward that we've all been waiting for.

Pebble smartwatches might just change the world.  If you think that sounds like an exaggeration then consider this; the Pebble KickStarter crowd-funding project raised over $10,000,000 in a very short space of time indeed.  

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Why is the Pebble watch such a big deal?
So why is that a big deal?  Well think of it like this - when an established company wants to launch a new product they spend millions in R&D (research and development), then spend fortune working with focus groups and influential industry 'thought-leaders'.  Then in the build up to product launch incredible amounts of money get spent on publicity and advertising, then the public might or might not actually buy the product.  With Pebble the public stumped up the cash up-front; folk wanted this product so much they were prepared to actually put their money where their mouth (well 'wrist') is.

What is the Pebble Watch UK website?
We're based in the UK (unsurprisingly) and noticed that none of the other Pebble sites were focussed on the user experience of anyone in the UK market, so we launched to bridge that gap.  We don't work for Pebble, we just think their product is interesting and we're always happy to talk about mould-breaking technology.  All the photos on this site were taken by us, so please don't nick 'em.  Get in touch and we might let you use them.  I guess you could call this a 'fan site' as much as anything else.

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