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Alpha build 168

posted Dec 4, 2010, 7:50 AM by Richard Landsman

- Added new hpsdr.ini option SDRWidget.  Set to true to enable widget testing using hpsdr_v003 protocol. Setting this option also sets the NoInit flag, so you only need to change SDRWidget setting to test.  See B165 release notes for step by step

- Changes made per Alex Lee comments on SDR widget board.  Now opens DG8SAQ device in widget mode and uses for speed settings.

- HPSDR options working.  Speed, Dither, Random, Preamp.  In hpsdr.ini, you can edit GainPreampOn and GainPreampOff to set Pebble's pre-DSP gain.  Use this if audio and spectrum are too high or low for your preference.  Note that all device .ini files support a pre-dsp gain option.