The awesomest Boulder game you'll ever play!
After downloading, just uncompress the .rar file and play!
Your objective is to squish the enemy king!      There are cool explosions too!
 Some levels are procedurally generated!      Some procedural levels are better than others!

The truth behind Pebble of Time!

Pebble of Time was first released on April 1st 2011 as a part of an "April Fools" joke; supposedly an indie developer completely unrelated to ACE Team was releasing this game together with a press release where he was very angry at ACE for stealing his design ideas and using them in the upcoming title "Rock of Ages".

In reality, I had been making this small Rock of Ages "demake" some weeks before, and we thought April Fools was a great date to release, the same way we released "The Malstrums Mansion" in 2009.

Whether people fell for the joke or not, they still had a fun little game to play :-)

-Edmundo Bordeu


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Here I am including the original text of the webpage, as it was published on April 1st:
Recently I have learned of another game developer creating a game where you destroy kingdoms using a giant boulder, I'm sure they are completely copied my idea, only instead of using "Pebble" they use "Rock" and instead of "Time" they use "Ages" (which makes it "Rock of Ages").
So it's like these dudes say: Hey, here's a cool game that nobody has heard about yet! Let's his idea but do it a million times fancier in 3D! Then let's add some completely new game mechanics, like mixing it with the tower defense game! Then let's add multiplayer, a crazy new mode and make it available on many platforms! Just to make sure that guy from Pebble of Time can't sell any copies on any system!
Well, that was discouraging, but after watching videos and screenshots of "Rock of Ages" I have decided to make some modifications to Pebble of Time and make it better than their game budget super-AAA: just download and play Pebble of Time see the comparison. 
And you know what? Just to completely ruin their plan I'm going to distribute mine for free! If you do the math my game is already much better for you, because you can get infinite hours of fun spending zero money! It's an unbeatable fun-to-ratio of dollar! Imagine how much money you can save, to buy stuff! But you do not even need those things because the game is so great! So you can donate a portion of my free money for me!
If you are still undecided about what developer you want to support, these Rock of Ages guys are a bunch of developers that call themselves 'ACE Team' and live happily in fruity Chile, and their Sugar Daddy publisher Atlus in gilded office in the rich Hollywood or something.... while I have been developing Pebble of Time for 4 years, and I'm so hardcore game developer that sometimes I work 24 hours straight without eating or sleeping, or even going to the bathroom because I don't have to since I'm not eating anyways, and I am so hardcore, I have even trained myself to not blink so I can use more effectively my time staring at the screen.
That is the reason I have gone blind too, and I was really hoping the success of Pebble of Time could afford me some like, eye transplant, or cyborg eyes, which would be cooler. Or could it be that visor the guy has on Star Trek. I'm not sure if they make any of this stuff yet, but I read they exist on the Internet, so I'm sure it's true. 
After downloading, just uncompress the .rar file and play!