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The new PearBook Pro2 comes with it’s own set of all new specs and features. It has a 13.3 inch high-resolution LED—backlit display with support for millions of colors, and weighs only 2.96 pounds. You can fit the PearBook Pro2 into a manila envelope. It has 256GB of flash storage.

The PearBook Pro2 has a battery life of up to thirty days, and a standby time of 75 days. Inside is a 35-watt-hour; UltraSafe Power Adapter with a cable management system; UltraSafe power port.

The laptop has stereo speakers, and omnidirectional microphone, a headphone port, and support for PearSoft. earphones with a remote and mic.

Also, the PearBook Pro2 has 2x faster processors, 3x faster graphics, superfast Quickbolt internet, FaceChat camera, and a multi-touch Fingerpad.

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