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Project Citizen Through the Lens of Big History

A Theoretical and Methodological Toolkit

When the PEAR Lab began to use Project Citizen to explore the policies of play & sport, we naturally turned to the science of play & sport - this turns out to be the science of evolution!

Play is a behavior that varies across the human cultural landscape, has changed over our own history, is seen across the mammalian family and other animals, and ultimately - all creatures that engage in play - well, to paraphrase Carl Sagan, 'we are stardust playing under the stars' . 

Big History can provide a fascinating lens through which to view many, if not all, public policy issues. Fostering connections between Project Citizen and the lens of Big History offers myriad tangible benefits to students, faculty, and communities alike! 

Explore our developing service-learning methodology, which places powerful theoretical tools within the context of the public policy explorations of Project Citizen.

As well, Big History is not just a lens through which to view public policy issues, we can also use it to understand the value of the Project Citizen curriculum itself! Learn more about Project Citizen as an evolutionary pedagogy here.