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Project Citizen: Elephants & Asteroids

"The mind is like a rider on an elephant" 
- Jonathan Haidt, Social Psychologist

Why do humans disagree so much about how to run society?
Is it possible that better understandings of the human brain can help society better cooperate towards our common interests?

This curriculum resource supports student inquiry into the intersection of the emotional and rational elements of our human brains in relationship to highly debated public policy debates. 

Elephants & Asteroids allows students to use simple parables and metaphors as an intuitive framework for viewing human brains and behaviors from modern neuroscientific and evolutionary perspectives. Then, the resources below provide simple tools to analyze and advocate critical thinking perspectives on the most debated public policy issues of our times. 

Student Resources & Teachers Guide Coming Soon!
  • A Big History of our Moral Brains
  • Parables &  Metaphors
    • The Tragedy of the Commons
    • The Tragedy of Commonsense Morality
    • Deflecting Earth's Asteroids
    • The Elephant & The Rider
    • Moral Taste Buds
    • The Dual-Mode Camera
    • Common Currency

  • Introductory Methodologies
    • The Moral Foundations Questionnaire
    • Moral Vocabularies  Analysis 
  • Advanced Methodologies
    • The Matrix
    • Asteroid Clubs
      • PROSOCIAL Group Development
    • Project Citizen Connections:
      • Policy Selection
      • Policy Exploration & Analysis
      • Advocacy & Communication
    • UACS Connections:
      • Higher Ed Coursework Connections
      • Integrated Research Design