Project Citizen

"Civic education is a vital means by which our society transmits to the next generation 
the core knowledge, skills, and dispositions of democratic citizenship. 
It is what allows democratic societies to reproduce themselves across generations."
-Patrick, J.J.; Vontz, T.S.; Nixon, W.A. (2002) Issue Centered Democracy Education Through Project Citizen, p. 93, in
 Education for Democracy: Contexts, Curricula, Assessments, ed. Parker, W.C.; Information Age Publishing, Charlotte, NC.
Project Citizen is an internationally acclaimed civics and service-learning curriculum for middle school and high school aged students. The PEAR Laboratory at University of Toliara is working with the Center for Civic Education as the contracted publisher for the Madagascar Edition of Project Citizen. This work involves developing on-line and print resources for Project Citizen in 3 languages (Malagasy, French, and English), as well, the PEAR Lab is developing additional resources for specific public policy domains that serve as engaging classroom entry points, as well as generalized innovations in curriculum integration.
Policy Domains for Classroom Entry Points: