Mythic Minds: An Illustrated Big History of Brains, Schools, and Society

The Book:
  • On the Subject of Turtle Stacking
    • An introduction to why evolution is the best lens through which to understand our Brains, Schools, and Society
  • Stardust Starring at the Stars
    • The 13.7 Billion Year Overview: How human brains - and our uniquely human consciousness came to exist
  • Playing in Eden 
    • The 8 Million Year Overview: How society shapes our brains, and how our brains shape society
  • We Don't Need No Education
    • The 500 Year Overview: How our understanding of Brains, Schools, and Society have changed over historical time. 
  • Evolving the Future
    • A Road Map to the Future: How a new science of positive intentional change can redefine schools, freeing our brains to learn and our societies to flourish!
Explore the BIG History of our 
Brains, Schools, and Society 
then - 
Use your new found knowledge to connect your classroom and community!

The Curriculum:
    • Classroom Discussion Guide
    • Service-Learning Project Platform

    According to moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt:
    "The Mind is Like a Rider on an Elephant"
    Our job is to become skilled at training our wild elephants!
    The mythologies and metaphors of our minds 
    can help communities around the world to flourish!

    Join a Global Network of 
    University & High School classrooms creating a 
    new mythology for our 
    Brains, Schools, and Society!