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International Internships

Is an Internship at the PEAR Lab right for You?
    The PEAR Lab is excited to offer a limited number of internships to highly motivated graduate, undergraduate, and in some cases, secondary level students seeking the cross-cultural learning and research experience of a lifetime!

    Our location in the capital city of the semi-arid, atsimo andrefana (southwestern) region of Madagascar provides unparalleled biological as well as socio-cultural diversity. 

    We can currently accommodate interns to our unique research program on a per individual, rolling admission basis. Success in the PEAR Lab requires a special kind of student; driven to understand the most amazing aspects of our evolved and encultured human brains; comfortable crossing any and all disciplines to get that understanding; and deeply committed to helping the Toliara community improve education and quality of life from the grass-roots up. 

    Madagascar is a vast and wild place to live for 3-12 months; we can not offer financing, but will discuss options and expenses upon inquiry. We will assist you in every step from booking your flight to arriving on campus and securing a comfortable and affordable living space. 

    Dustin Eirdosh, will also guide you through pre-arrival planning to ensure your personal project is a meaningful success for both you and the local community.

    Contact Dustin to discuss how we might further your studies and help build meaningful educational innovation in Madagascar!

    Why Intern at the PEAR Lab?
    • Applied cross-training in both Academic and NGO/Non-Profit skill sets
    • A cutting-edge interdisciplinary curriculum development effort connecting classrooms and communities for positive change through evidence-based practices
    • We are cultivating the unified human sciences in Madagascar from the ground up
    • Flexible and independent project development within a a strongly supportive resource and personnel environment.
    • Airport-to-Apartment pre-travel arrangement supports!
    • The city of Toliara is 1-2 hours from some of the most pristine and isolated tropical beaches in the world!