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FAQ for International Visitors

Getting Here:
  • All flights arrive in the capital city of Tana (Antannanarrivo) the airport code is TNR
  • Most flights leave from CDG (Paris). Often it is cheaper to book the Madagascar trip seperately from your voyage to CDG, just make sure to plan for a time buffer in case of flight delays.
  • For US residents, it may be possible to fly through Johannesburg
  • Hassle free 90-day tourist visas are available upon arrival in TNR. Some visitors use this option and then fly to the French Island of Reunion every 3 months to renew their tourist visa (and have fun on that incredible island!). 
  • To save money, it is possible to get an extendable volunteer Visa from the Madagascar Embassy in your country (USA Click here)
  • Once you arrive at TNR, the PEAR Lab has arrangements to bring you to the Hotel Niaouly.
  • After a day or so of rest, you will either board a small plane for a 2 hour flight to Toliara (Air Madagascar) OR
  • More adventurous visitors can save money by taking a Taxi-Bus (two days of 10 hours travel each day) OR
  • We can arrange for a rental car and driver (ideal for small groups)
  • Upon your arrival in Toliara, a PEAR Lab staff member will greet you and see you to a comfortable Hotel, located conveniently near numerous restaurants and the city center. 
Safety & Security:
  • Madagascar is a country embroiled in political turmoil, though this is not resulting in significant violence, especially in terms of the safety of visitors.
  • Theft and pick-pocketing is more common in Tana than Toliara, however in all cities it is advised to go out in groups or by Taxi after dark. 
  • Statistically speaking, you are safer in Toliara than any major US or European city.
Vaccines and Health Precautions:
  • All visitors should get the required and suggested vaccines based on the recommendations of the Madagascar Embassy
  • The PEAR Lab does not recommend taking long-term precautionary medicines for Malaria. In rare cases of suspected malarial symptoms, simple and effective medical treatments are easily available. This should not be construed as medical advice, and visitors should discuss the pros and cons of preventative malarial treatment with their health care provider. 
  • Put another way - of course you don't want to get malaria, but most likely you won't get it, and if you do - it's most likely not a big deal. 
  • Visitors are advised to bring a basic set of health care items such as: pain relievers, anti-itch cremes, band-aids, etc. Though these items are easily available in any of Toliara's many pharmacies. 
Quality of Life:
  • You are coming here to learn and help build the future of education in Madagascar - but that doesn't mean you can't have fun!
  • We will work with you before your arrival to find a hotel room that meets your budgetary and comfort needs (Between $150 - 300 USD / month provides a nice and quasi-modern environment, up to and including air conditioning for the heat intolerant). 
  • Free Internet Wi-Fi is available in all hotels and nicer restaurants. Madagascar has among the fastest internet connections in Africa!
  • Abundant and affordable seafood and an incredible diversity of fresh fruits and vegetables make for good eating! Average restaurant meals cost $3-8 USD.
  • If you are watching your budget, a hot plate in your hotel room, and a trip to the market can allow for quality home-cooked meals for well under $5 USD / day. 

If you plan to visit for MORE than 3 months get your Visa from 

If you are coming for 3 months (90-days) or less, then you can get your Visa no problems, upon arrival in the Tana (TNR) Airport. 
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