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Our Story Collection

- Dustin Eirdosh, NEEPS 2013

Investigators at the PEAR Lab believe that the Human brain is wired for story!  We believe in the power of story to connect students to teachers; content to meaning; and neurons to the world. 
We believe that stories steeped in evidence and spun in epic directions are teaching tools of nearly unlimited value - and in this vein; we offer our growing collection of stories that weave a web of context for telling the deep-time tale of our mythic minds!

Presented here are not polished YouTube videos, or distinct downloadable PDF's with "made to order scripts". Rather - this area of the website is more like a museum; offering a slowly curated collection of resources, short stories, and insights into educational practices focused around four interconnected epics sure to amaze and inspire Students in Secondary and Higher Education.

The four stories being curated by the PEAR Lab's Mythic Minds course are:
Les quatre histoires étant montée par Mythic le laboratoire PEAR cours Minds sont les suivants:
  • L'évolution des tribus de viande
  • L'histoire des vérités sacrées
  • La Grande Histoire de la salle de classe
  • La mythologie l'esprit de ruche

Resources for Telling Big History: