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Course Outcome Objectives

Level I Mythic Minds Course Content:
Bloom's Taxonomy  COO#Course Outcome Objectives 
Positive Education:
 1.1Students will be able to describe the aims, major theories, and critiques of Positive Education
 Comprehension & Application
 1.2Students will be able to describe and implement multiple approaches to integrating Positive Psychology in Secondary and Higher Education Classrooms
 1.3Students will be able to describe multiple interconnections between Positive Education and multiple other Course Content Areas (below)
Big History:
 Knowledge & Comprehension 2.1Students will be able to define Big History; it's connection to Unified Human Sciences; and it's value in Secondary Education 
 Comprehension 2.2Students will be able to describe the functions and importance of convergent evidence in the Scientific Process 
 Comprehension & Synthesis 2.3Students will be able to describe the Big History of the Human Brain from multiple disciplines and perspectives - with a focus on the traits of interest in Positive Psychology 
Science, Mythology, & Religion Studies:
 Comprehension & Evaluation 3.1Students will be able to describe the potential functioning of Science, Mythology, & Religion in the development of Positive Psychology Traits within an Individual or Community 
Comprehension & Evaluation  3.2Students will be able to describe the Moral Diversity surrounding the connections and conflict between Science & Religion content in Secondary Education; including the evaluation of diverse individuals personal moral positions
 Comprehension & Evaluation 3.3Students will be able to describe and evaluate the differences between Factual Realism & Practical Realism in different cultural belief systems 
 Comprehension & Evaluation 3.4Students will be able to describe and evaluate the difference between "Night Language" and "Day Language" in the context of Mythological and Scientific explanations of the world.  
Future Studies:
Knowledge & Comprehension  4.1Students will be able to describe the major mechanisms and patterns of technological evolution
Synthesis & Evaluation  4.2Students will be able to analyze the ethical dimensions of emerging technologies within a context of Moral Psychology and Public Discourse; for both Madagascar and the World-at-large 

 4.3Students will be able to describe current and emerging applications of Information Technologies in Education

Level II Educational Design Studies:
COO# Course Outcome Objectives 
 Comprehension & Application5.1 Students will be able to describe and demonstrate the multiple skills involved in managing Action-Research and Service-Learning Projects  
 Application, Synthesis,  Evaluation
5.2 Students will be able to design, implement, and assess multiple lessons based on pre-defined Course Outcome Objectives
 Evaluation 5.3Students will be able to link theory to practice in evaluating the merits and challenges of the educational practices of interest within the PEAR Laboratory
 Application 5.4Students will demonstrate an ability to develop personal ownership for their learning and assessment processess through the creation and implementation of a Personal Learning Plan
 Comprehension5.5 Students will demonstrate an advanced level of comprehension in multiple Mythic Minds Content Areas of their choosing