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Civic Ecosystem Assessment (CEA)

Civic Ecology is an applied science of prosocial problem-solving.

Civic Ecosystem Assessment (CEA) is the study of any particular environment where prosocial problem-solving may occur. CEA utilizes models about how our complex social brains operate, to see how a particular community is functioning in relation to the provisioning of valued outcomes and other civic ecosystem services (cES).

The first step of any ecological study is to identify the question you want to explore, and the population you will study to gain answers.

CEA is an emerging approach based on a flexible multi-methodology set of practices. 
Some existing action-research programs are already well suited to the civic ecology framework:
  • Competency Based Curriculum Development (CBCD)
    • Collaborative Problem-Solving Assessment (CPSA)
  • Moral Vocabularies Analysis (MVA)
CEA has promise as a highly general tool for enhancing cooperation towards shared values through the exploration of the applied evolutionary domains of inquiry, and the assessment of civic ecosystem services (cES) within any given domain: