Science, Mythology, & Religion Studies

Science and Religion are both intricately linked to the potential for healthy Human development in Madagascar. 
A majority of our Educational Psychology Students self-report being either "Somewhat" or "Very" Religious, specifically Christian denominations. Early evidence indicates that for most of our Students, Science and Religion can live harmoniously in their minds - both appear to be seen as powerful strategies for the optimum well-being of Humans. 

The Science, Mythology, & Religion Studies component of the PEAR Lab focuses on how the specifics of Science and Religious educational practices in our region may contribute to Positive Education. We explore this within the broader global context of the multitude of Mythological stories Humanity has collected over the ages. He we explore the Functional Definition of Mythology - and how both Science and Religions can be understood in terms of these complex socio-cultural functions.

Here we seek to advance the use of the international EALS research tool; in connection with multiple other metrics of Positive Education at the Secondary & Higher Education levels.