Next Generation Human Science Standards

To the unfamiliar ear, fields like "BIG History" and "Service-Learning" may sound like soft approaches - education without academic rigor. This appears unlikely. The PEAR Lab currently believes that an abundant theoretical and evidence-base exists to claim that our approach offers the potential to meet, and indeed in some areas- exceed the performance expectations and general aims of the new internationally bench-marked Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Integrative Opportunities
  • The Nature of Science
    • Science as culture
    • Science a argumentation and the "Rational Brain"
    • Values, ethics, and moral reasoning
    • Boundries of "science"?
  • Common Core Overlaps
    • The Literary Animal & The Origins of Story
    • Boundries of "science"?
  • NRC Pillars
    • Science & Engineering Practices
      • Modeling
      • Management
    • Core Disciplinary Ideas
      • Developing Possible Solutions (evaluating human impacts?)

    • Cross-Cutting Concepts
      • Stability & Change
      • Systems & Systems Modelling (multi-level analysis)
  • Exemplary Performance Expectations  

Affect, Authenticity, & Awe