Biotech & Your Brain

Should humans eat foods derived from biotechnology?
How do our social brains engage with the political discourse on biotechnology in our food system?
Biotech & Your Brain is a set of resources designed to help educators engage students in these essential questions.

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for the basic process
in Madagascar:

Madagascar has been working to adapt and adopt Project Citizen style civic education since 2002. The PEAR Lab has been working since 2013 to support culturally meaningful adaptations of the core processes of this widely supported curriculum with University of Toliara's faculty of educational psychology. 

Agroecology, biotechnology, and agricultural policies in general, are all prime community needs worth exploring in all Malagasy classrooms.
Two approaches are being developed to offer educators maximum flexibility, however, 
they are entirely equivalent and interchangeable.

Civic Ecology Approach

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See this informational poster 
for more information: