Betanimena Station

Project Objective:
  • To engage regional and international partners in the cooperative development of Betanimena Station as an engine for education, research, and regional development through leadership in agricultural sciences¬†

Project History:

During the colonial history of Madagascar, the then peri-urban research farm at Betanimena Station in the southwestern coastal capital city of Toliara was developed to a highly advanced facility for it's time. Through the political upheavals and economic challenges of the regions past and even current situation, this facility has fractionated and degraded into classic example of the tragedy of the commons. Individuals and families have begun squatting on the land, developing unsanctioned housing at a rapid rate, and utilizing natural resources in a haphazard fashion. With only a few clearly delimited users of this critically important community resource, advancing a coordinated, multi-stakeholder effort at the sustainable development of Betanimena Station offers an unparalelled opportunity to build durable capacity for the Atsimio Andrefana region.

Our cooperation partners are using a civic ecology approach to cultivate a strategy for the commons of Betanimena Station!

Our Approach:
  • Integrated Education, Research & Development
  • Applied Science Inquiry & Democratic Education
  • Regional & International Cooperation
Our Partners:

Our project for the cooperative development of Betanimena Station represents a strong network of stakeholders with a shared vision for integrated education, research, and development in the Atsimo Andrefana region!