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Our Guiding Science

The KIDS Consortium's 
Service-Learning Model
  1. Academic Integrity
  2. Apprentice Citizenship
  3. Student Ownership

Source: The KIDS Consortium
Core Strategies

  1. Comprehensive Assessment
  2. Integrated Studies
  3. Project-based Learning
  4. Social & Emotional Learning
  5. Teacher Development
  6. Technology Integration

Source: Edutopia
The Evolution Institute's 
'Simple Truths'

  1. Learning is child motivated
  2. Children are biologically prepared to learn
  3. The community is the classroom
  4. Learning must be immediately reinforcing
  5. Learning occurs best in mixed-age settings
  6. An effective learning environment must accommodate individual learning differences
  7. Learning is inhibited by fear and anxiety
  8. Learning is facilitated by choice and inhibited by coercion
  9. Departure from ancestral environments can create unanticipated problems
  10. Some skills are acquired less spontaneously than others and require more deliberate effort

Source: The Evolution Institute