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Our Advisory Board

Dr. Brian M. Lowe
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
State University of New York (SUNY) - Oneonta
Dr. Roseanna Wright
Associate Professor, School of Education
Holy Family University
Dr. Bjørn Grinde
Chief Scientist, Division of Mental Health
Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Specialist in the Biology of Happiness 
Dr. Catherine McGowan Russell
Microbiologist, Big Historian, Science Education Specialist

Dr. David C Geary

Curators' Professor, Thomas Jefferson Fellow

Department of Psychological Sciences

Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program

University of Missouri 

Dr. Daniel B. Berch

Professor of Educational Psychology & 

Applied Developmental Sciences

Curry School of Education

University of Virginia

Dr. David F. Bjorklund
Professor, Dept. of Psychology
Florida Atlantic University
Dr. Barry H. Rodrigue
Fulbright Scholar and Faculty Chair
Lewiston-Auburn College
University of Southern Maine