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Researchers  who focus on studies into the link between creativity and education have not agreed on a standard definition of creativity. However they usually focus on creativity as either being related to personality or a process. Often definitions centered around the process also refer to the product.

Torrance (1967) uses a 'process' approach, saying that creativity can be found " the process of sensing difficulties, problems, gaps in information, missing elements, making guesses or formulating hypotheses about these deficiencies; testing these guesses and possibly revising and retesting them and finally communicating the results." 

Hennessy and Amabile (1987) refer to the product of creativity. " A product or response will be judged as creative to the extent that (a) it is both a novel and an appropriate, useful, correct, or valuable response to the task at hand and (b) the task is open-ended with more than one way of doing it." 

Bruner (1962) defined creativity as an act that produces "effective surprise" and a "shock of recognition".



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