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During my career as a a journalist and educator I often heard the word 'creativity' used in a variety of contexts which led to my interest in this area for my doctoral dissertation particularly in the area of teaching and assessing creativity in post secondary education.

A bit of background : I worked as a radio news broadcaster , interviewer &  news director  in Canada followed by a career teaching radio at Camosun College in British Columbia. I then directed a Media/Design program in the United Arab Emirates before returning to Canada as Chair of Design Studies at Algonquin College in Ottawa in 2008.

In journalism the term 'creative'  was often used to describe a personality who stood out as being different from other broadcasters in either  reporting style or delivery.

In education the term was often used to describe an outcome that teachers wanted students to demonstrate as part of the process of learning the skills in a design/technology program.

I found that teachers were often assessing  for  'creativity' in projects but weren't actually teaching creativity.  Everything on the rubric tended to be 'taught'  but 'creativity' was a general catch-all phrase for something that the teachers certainly were recognizing as superior/inferior compared to other projects but wasn't easily defined.

My discomfort with assessing something that isn't actually taught has led to my interest in whether it is possible to teach and assess creativity. As I started exploring these area of teaching and assessing creativity it has led to wider issues related to creativity  and teaching and learning  which I'm currently enjoying exploring.