Creativity and Education- A Pathfinder

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About the Author

This pathfinder is a collection of resources about Creativity and Education in support of my doctoral dissertation research.

I hope it may also be of interest to teachers, students, artists, employers and anyone interested in the role that creativity plays in our changing society. 

" Contemporary society is characterized by rapid and complex change processes that encompass all spheres of life. Creativity has been identified both as a key factor for adequately addressing the challenges caused by these changes as well as a major driving force towards knowledge creation and social and economic advancement through the development of a knowledge society."

(2007, Creativity in Higher Education, Report on the EUA Creativity Project 2006-2007)

Research Questions

There are several questions related to Creativity and Education that I would like to explore.

1. Can creativity be taught or is it something we are born with? Should it be taught at the post secondary level in Canada? Is creativity a skill that should be a graduate outcome across all disciplines?

2. Creativity is difficult to define. Although the word 'creativity' is commonly used people have different ideas about what it is and how to recognize it. Can educators teacher creativity without knowing how to define it? Do educators and learners have the same definition of creativity?

3. What are the best ways to assess creativity?

This pathfinder will be developing as I continue exploring Creativity and Education. Comments and suggestions are welcome.